Wood Effect

Our high-tech porcelain stoneware wood look tiles are so realistic they even feel like natural wood to the touch. The beautiful veins and knots that run through the various faces of each tile, make this product a game changing alternative to natural wood floors.


Marble Effect

Floor and wall coverings that look like marble. Our fabulous collection of marble effect tiles are inspired by the timeless beauty of natural stone marbles.


Quartz Effect

The ultimate in sophisticated surfaces. This collection of maxi gemstone porcelain stoneware is sure to blow your mind.


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Concrete effect

Technological innovation in european tile production has made it possible to create concrete look stoneware collections that mimic raw concrete, flaked plaster and modern cement in a way that gives a new lease of life to these existing materials while preserving its unique aesthetic.


Stone effect

Combining the warmth of natural stone with the power of porcelain make this product efficient and practical for a variety of surfaces both indoor and outdoor.


Terrazzo effect

This revamped trend has been showcased in design shows and trade fairs all over the world. Traditional terrazzo is made up of stone chips that were set in concrete and polished to create a smooth surface. Now this same look can be used on a variety of sruface applications like walls and kitchen surfaces.


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